How to Properly Maintain Your Beauty Tools

If you want to make your beauty tools last as long as possible, you need to maintain them properly. Keeping your tools clean is also crucial because you need to be conscious about what you put on your skin. Your beauty tools can get dirty over time and should be adequately cleaned.

Eyelash Curler

You are placing your eyelash curler very close to your eyes, so it’s imperative to keep it clean. Put some alcohol on a cotton swab and rub the edges before using on your lashes.

Hot Tools

People often forget that hot tools should be cleaned. Oils and product residue can build up over time. Dip a cloth in rubbing alcohol and gently run it over the grimy areas. For more set in grime, clean your hot tool while it’s still slightly warm!

Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges can quickly become a place for grime and bacteria. That is why you should clean them after every use. Use a mild soap and rub it on your sponge with some warm water. Make sure you rinse it out properly. Gently squeeze the sponge to help get rid of the soap. Leave them to air dry before using them again.


You should clean your tweezers after each use. All you need to do is apply some alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe your tweezers clean. Or you can run them under some warm water with soap. This will disinfect them and prevent any bacteria from spreading.

Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes at least twice per month will elongate their lifespan and will help prevent your skin from breaking out. You should clean your brushes with either brush soap or mild soap and warm water. Don’t let the handles of the brush get wet, as the glue can become loose. Massage the bristles of your brushes to get all the makeup residue out and rinse them thoroughly. Place them on a clean towel and leave them to air-dry overnight.


We often neglect our hairbrushes and forget that they need to be cleaned as well. Instead of just removing the hair stuck in your hairbrush, you should wash it properly. First, remove all the hair stuck in your brush with a wide tooth comb, then soak it in a bowl with a few drops of shampoo and water. You can also use an old toothbrush on the bristles to get a deeper clean. Rinse. Leave it to air-dry, and it will be as good as new.

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