How to Navigate the Swipe Life

With the final flip of the calendar, it’s time to consider the official resolution: new year, new you. Whether you want to drop a few extra pounds, spend more time on self-care or strike a work-life balance (shout out to the classic resolutions that often top the list), it’s back to the same old swipe life. When it comes to your relationship status, while 2020 might mark a turning point, navigating the world of online dating is a thing of the past, present and future. Whether you’re new to the scene or back after taking a break, here’s how to navigate the swipe life.

1. Read Up to Get Down

Tip: to limit your screen time and keep your sanity, stick to using a single dating app.

Although there is a number of matchmaking apps & sites available to browse and buy, each one caters to a target market. Know what type of relationship it is that you’re looking for – no judgment here – and choose wisely.

More than searching online and reading reviews, ask around. From Tinder to Hinge (and everything in between), find out what ways your friends are connecting with users and get in on the action.

2. A Two for One Combo

For those interested in an order of physical attraction with a side of personality from the get go, check out Hinge. In addition to posting a number of photos, each user has the option of answering a list of interesting questions to share their goals, hobbies & sense of humor and create a more complete profile. Beyond matching strictly based on appearance, Hinge offers users the ability to initiate a wide-ranging conversation to form a genuine connection.

Things to consider at first glance:

• The quality of the user’s profile photos (i.e. the location of the snap, the pose of the individual, the other people in the photo).
• The tone of the user’s profile answers (i.e. keep it light, keep it fun; this is not leading to a marriage proposal – at least not in the near future).
• The way in which the user initiates conversation (i.e. keep it creative; better be able to talk slash text some game).

3. It’s All About Timing

When it comes to ditching the app and exchanging phone numbers, allow the transition to happen naturally and casually. Read the conversation (literally & figuratively) and get a sense of the vibe in order to avoid acting prematurely.

4. The Meet and Greet

While there is no hard and fast rule for the amount of time you should wait until setting a date to meet in-person, depending on if you hit it off via text, it’s better to get together sooner than later in order to save time. Similar to being ghosted, no one deserves to be led on.

Things to consider on a first date:

• Meet in a public place.
• Cover the main Ws with a family member or friend: who, where & when.
• Be extra and keep your iPhone tracker on point.
• Pick a shared experience to pass the time & act as a point of conversation.
• Depending on the level of enjoyment, select an activity that can either be shortened or extended in the moment.
• Always be prepared to split the bill, just in case!