How to Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker

Different threats can cost you the luscious, full hair of your dreams. Thinning hair may be blamed on many things, including medications, physical and emotional stress, medical conditions, age, and more. When you need help fast, putting a stop to inflicting damage on over-styled, tortured strands will go a long way. Changing your diet can give your hair the nutrition it needs. You won’t really know how to remedy thinning hair until you see a doctor and pinpoint the cause.

In the meantime, here are some tricks that can help you make the most of what you’ve got. Clever disguises can create the illusion of lushness while hair products can create texture and volume. Here’s how to start totally rescuing your hair to get the fuller strands you want.

Protect your hair

Make your hair look thicker quicker by refraining from washing too much and using too much conditioner. Avoid heavy styling creams and serums that can add unnecessary weight to the hair.

Eat more protein

Protein makes up the building blocks of hair, so make sure you are getting enough protein rich food every day. A palm-size portion of protein at breakfast and lunch is essential. Lean protein from beans and lentils will aid hair growth while also supplying a good amount of iron, zinc, and biotin.

Snack on complex carbohydrates

Fresh fruit, raw veggies or whole wheat crackers give hair the energy it needs to grow. Keep some around to snack on if you’re going more than four hours between meals. That’s the amount of time when energy for hair cells drops off.

Take a supplement

Vitamins and minerals can be very helpful to your follicles when they are used as a supplement a healthy diet. Be on the lookout for essential amino acids such as L-Lysine and L-Methionine. Consider taking Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Copper, Zinc and Selenium.

We’ve found that HAIRtamin works well because it is a multi-vitamin that promotes hair growth. There is also a men’s version called HAIRtamin Man.

If it’s female pattern baldness…

You might try over-the-counter minoxidil, a supplement that helps slow hair loss. First discovered as a treatment for male pattern baldness, it is also effective for some women. Side effects such as burning and irritation, as well as further hair loss, can accompany this. Check with your doctor to see if female pattern baldness is your problem.

Volumize with thickening shampoo and conditioner

The tried-and-true method of volumizing is much less expensive than pricey extensions. Shampoo and conditioners that create texture are also one of the easiest ways to pump up your hair’s thickness.

Use your dry shampoo

Spray a little dry shampoo along your roots and then massage it in to boost your volume. Or try a root lifter to add volume right at the start of the hair shaft. Both these products will give you fuller hair with minimal effort.

Try a tiny bit of teasing

Hair flat against the head looks thinner than hair that is lifted at the root. Fake a little volume by using a clean, new toothbrush to gently tease at the roots. Brush the hair downwards towards your scalp in small strokes to create the teased hair look.

Cut the length to your shoulders or higher

A cut that is short to medium length is perfect for fine hair. Thinning hair that’s too long can look even thinner when it’s weighed down by length. The wrong length can make your hair look stringy.

Add some highlights

Ask your stylist about the most flattering highlights for your face. They can add the illusion of fullness and give your strands dimension. Single-toned hair can look flat and in need of depth.

Color your scalp

Thinning hair can leave your scalp exposed, and the more scalp that’s left bare, the thinner your hair looks. Solve this double whammy by applying to your scalp a tinted dry shampoo or eyeshadow that matches your hair color.

Avoid styles that stress your strands

Ponytails and buns that pull your hair too tight can break your hair and hurt the hair follicles.

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