How to Improve Your Communication Skills & Express Yourself Effectively

Communication is key in any relationship. That sentence may be cliché, but it speaks the truth. The not-so-straightforward part is learning how to communicate effectively. If you struggle to communicate healthily with your significant other, you’ve come to the right place. Check out some tips on improving your communication skills to express your thoughts and feelings more effectively.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Communication is not limited to yes and no questions. With open conversations, you and your significant other can discuss feelings, share thoughts, and entertain one another with stories, but that connection doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we suggest asking open-ended questions to gradually push your relationship in the right direction. Open-ended questions allow you and your partner to share as much information as you desire.

Process Your Feelings Before Your Emotions Take Control

If something is upsetting you, try not to let your emotions take the wheel. The same applies to anger. Take a quick walk or step away from the situation to compose yourself before allowing your emotions to take control. The best thing to do in a high-emotion situation is to process your feelings first. Get a grip on what’s going on inside your head. Once you understand your feelings and where they are coming from, you can return to communicating through a conversation, not an argument.

Give Your Significant Other Your Undivided Attention

Communication is nothing if it goes in one ear and out the other. That’s why both sides must be willing to listen. Put away the phones, turn off the TV, and shut out any outside noise. When your SO is trying to communicate, prioritize them and really take in what they are saying.

See Their Point of View

Disagreements often put two people on opposite sides of the room. Before this happens, pause. Take a breath. Try to see their point of view. If every couple took a second to do this, we think there would be fewer arguments (and better communication)! If you don’t understand what your SO is fighting for, ask them to elaborate clearly and ask questions.

Be Open and Honest

If you’re open and honest with your partner, you’ll build integrity and trust. You’ll also improve your communication skills. If your honest thoughts could be upsetting, choose the right time and place to express them. Be kind every step of the way.

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