How to Find Adventure in Your Own Backyard

’Tis the season for adventure! But it’s also important to remember that adventure doesn’t have to mean traveling to far-off countries. In fact, we can almost guarantee that adventure exists within hours, perhaps even minutes, of where you call home. Travel is, after all, a state of mind. Here are some tips for finding adventure in your own backyard.

Be a Tourist

Pretend you’re visiting your neck of the woods for the first time and do what tourists do: research. Check out visitors’ centers and tourism websites, then scan Google Maps. Look for small, local museums, parks, waterways, and, of course, super-tacky tourist attractions that double as incredible photo ops.

Just Pick a Spot

You can do this in two ways: Set off for an area you’ve never been to. Or, you can just hit the open road and, at each intersection, decide if you’re going left, right, or straight. Hey, you’ve got GPS on your phone; you’ll always find your way home.

Check Out Social Media

Social media is full of photos of places people have visited. Sometimes seeing a place or “eating” at a restaurant through another person’s eyes helps us find adventures for ourselves.

Make Your Way Downtown

Are there shops in your town that you’ve wanted to check out but haven’t? The next time you feel adventurous, walk around downtown and make a day of it. Stop for coffee, visit a bookstore, and window shop.

Attend Local Events

Never underestimate the power of local events and how fun they can be. Art festivals, concerts, culture festivals, you name it…it’s happening somewhere. You just have to find it!

Why You Should Explore Your Own Backyard

  • Local travel is typically cheaper since you won’t have to spend money on flights, hotel rooms, or multiple meals.
  • You may think you live somewhere boring, but after a day devoted to learning about the history of where you live, we’re willing to bet you’ll experience a change of heart.
  • Attending local events can help you discover new artists, musicians, or sporting events. No matter what kind of entertainment you choose, you will experience something new.
  • Traveling short and cheap ultimately results in traveling more often. And since you probably won’t have to take much (or any) extra time off work, you don’t have to worry about using all of your vacation days.
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