How to Fake Airbrushed Eyeshadow Makeup

Professionals use airbrushing tools to apply flawless-looking makeup that’s smooth, soft and utterly gorgeous. But let’s suppose that you don’t have time to go to a beauty salon, and you don’t have an arsenal of airbrushing tools and makeup at your disposal. Fake an airbrushed look by taking a little extra time and care when you are applying your regular makeup.

Airbrushed Eyes

Airbrushed eyeshadow is a hot trend in makeup, and it’s a trend with a twist. Forget standard eyeshadow patterns and neutral colors. What’s hot in eyes right now is bright colors and unique patterns. Don’t stress about staying within the normal lines. Allow your eyeshadow to go up to your brows, over to your temples, below and outside your eyes. Push the envelope, and pursue the makeup looks that are hot right now. Because makeup is made to be a little fun and a lot creative, right?

Fake an Airbrushed Look

Choose three or four eyeshadow colors you want to wear. Create a palette that has both complementing and contrasting shades to give yourself a truly head-turning look. Brush your makeup on in any pattern you want. Whatever you do, stay symmetrical. What you do to one eye must be repeated on the other.

BH Cosmetics makes many eyeshadow palettes with dozens of different color shades, so you can create an unlimited number of makeup looks.

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Makeup artists and celebrities love airbrushed makeup because it looks perfectly smooth and blended. You can achieve this effect on your own with a soft, clean makeup brush. Use a gentle but persistent touch to blend your makeup until there are absolutely no lines or visible borders. Use a finishing powder to further soften the look and create the glow of airbrushed perfection.

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Give yourself an airbrushed eye makeup look, and give yourself the chance to see how you look in this trend — without the need for any special equipment.

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