How to Discuss Money With Your SO

We get it: Discussing money with your significant other can be awkward. But no matter how sensitive the topic, it needs to be talked about – especially if you decide to live together or take your relationship to the next level. Here, we have some tips for discussing finances with your SO.

Schedule the Discussion in Advance

Give your significant other advanced notice about when you want to discuss financial matters. Blindsiding them or bringing up the topic unannounced can catch your partner off-guard. Instead, scheduling the discussion can help them (and you) prepare mentally and emotionally.

Acknowledge the Awkwardness and Tension

Acknowledging the awkwardness about the topic might make your discussion about money more manageable. Admit to your partner that the conversation isn’t easy for you to have. This can reduce feelings of tension in the future.

Keep an Open Mind While Being Assertive

It is important that you start the conversation nice and slow. If you feel uncomfortable about something, it is alright to say so, but be open-minded to accept compromises. Try not to bring up past resentments and grievances when discussing money matters, as it may push your SO away.

Draw Up an Agreement

Drawing up an agreement with your partner will hold you both accountable. First, write down any financial issues that need settling (for example, who will pay the electricity bill, how much each person should contribute to rent, etc.), and then you can further discuss those issues in more detail so you can compromise.

Be Honest

Relationships should be built on trust – so be honest with your partner upfront. Talk to them about any debts and loans you have, so there won’t be any surprises when they come up in the future.

Make the Discussion a Habit

Make the discussion a habit so that you stay updated on financial matters. It may be unpleasant, but it can help make the topic easier and keep the lines of communication open.

Do you have any tips for discussing money with your significant other? Share them with us in the comments below.


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