How to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home

Running an environmentally friendly household can, at first, sound like more trouble than it’s worth. Not all of us have the funds for rooftop solar panels, let alone the patience to rely solely on our gardens to sustain us. Yet, making strides toward a more eco-friendly household is not only budget-friendly, it can be as simple as a quick exchange of a non-eco-friendly product for a green one. While this list could go on and on, here are some of our top, easy switches to being more sustainable.

“Paperless” Paper Towels

Paper towels can leave a substantial footprint on how many trees you use per year. In that sense, it’s worthwhile to invest in paperless paper towels; this could mean re-usable, washable cloth paper towels, or real paper towels made of sustainable bamboo. Shop here for reusable paper towels (handmade in the USA). And Shop here for bamboo paper towels!

Re-Usable Sandwich Bags

We are all guilty of using ziplock bags, but it doesn’t have to be that way, because there are amazing, alternative, and sustainable ziplock bags out there! These bags are BPA free, freezer-proof, leakproof, and, are silicone and plastic free. They come in three sizes, from gallon size to snack size. We have tried a few types of re-usable ziplock bags, and this particular brand takes the cake. They are soft, easy to clean, (just turn them inside out and hand wash!), and they seal and unseal perfectly.  Shop here.

Brita Water Filter

Stop buying dozens and dozens of plastic water bottles! Not only do they release BPA into your water when the temperature gets too high, they are terrible for our environment. A Brita water filter only needs filter changes every few months, so it’s a low maintenance option for getting fresh water on the daily. Shop for a Brita water filter here.

Countertop Composter

Another simple and inexpensive solution, a countertop compost bin is simply an alternative receptacle for food scraps typically tossed as garbage. Small in scale, composters can easily complement your kitchen décor. Plus, disposing food scraps frequently eliminates odor. Countertop composters require an eco-friendly garbage collection service to pick up compost on a weekly basis. It’s a matter of researching local options to determine whether or not this solution is a fit for your lifestyle. Shop here for our composter pick.

Dryer Balls

Whether you live alone or with others, doing laundry is likely the bane of your existence. At the same time, chemical fabric softeners and hazardous dryer sheets don’t do any favors for the planet or your budget. Dryer balls not only eliminate the need for softeners and dryer sheets but can also be used repeatedly—the same softening, static-eliminating benefits at an overall lower cost. They also help speed up the drying process, so your wallet and the environment will be thankful. Shop here for lavender bliss eco dryer balls.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning your house on a weekly basis is typically a chemical-filled process. From wiping counters, mirrors, and stainless-steel appliances to mopping your hardwood floors, the tasks are generally not eco-friendly. Fortunately, almost all household cleaning products can be replaced with eco-friendly alternatives without costing you an arm and a leg. For instance, if you rely on name-brand toilet cleaners, try a green, plant-based version instead. Not only are eco-friendly alternatives safer for those around you (including pets and children), they’ll also elevate your daily chores by doing something positive for the planet. Shop our favorite cleaning products brand here and here.

Combine Your Amazon Cart Products

We know, this one sounds odd! But, if you want to help reduce your carbon footprint, let that shopping cart wait a few days (or more). If you wait until you have a few products in your cart, you can opt for the items to be shipped together vs individually, decreasing your carbon footprint.

Taking even small steps toward a more environmentally friendly living space makes all of the difference. The more mindful we are about the products we bring into our homes, the better off the world around us will be. To begin your green journey, your immediate surroundings are the perfect place to start!


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