How to Be Brave in All That You Do

We have a question: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? With guaranteed success, we’re willing to bet you wouldn’t think twice about chasing your dreams. But unfortunately, we live in a world where the fear of failure keeps us from taking risks. Here’s the thing, though, being brave only requires a little know-how but a lot of action. So here are some tips for how to be brave in everything you do.

Recognize It

Ignoring your fear only angers it. So instead, acknowledge it. The important thing is to move forward even when you feel frightened. Now that’s bravery.

Challenge Your Negativity

Now that you’ve acknowledged your fear, it’s time to challenge those negative thoughts. Unfortunately, negativity can prevent you from being brave, so it’s important to recall the facts that prove your negative thoughts wrong.

Change the Narrative

How you talk to yourself can determine how brave you are. Negative self-talk is usually full of doubt. If you tell yourself something enough times, you start to believe it. So talk to yourself with confidence and respect. Because you know what happens when you do? That’s right; you believe it.

Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Discomfort is nothing to fear; it’s part of being brave. Learn to love stepping outside your comfort zone and being unsure about what will happen next. Eventually, you could be seeking the thrill of it.

Make It Habitual

Conquering a fear for the first time is a huge deal, but don’t stop there. Instead, continue to nurture your fearlessness by overcoming more and more. Create a list of things you want to overcome and celebrate each victory as you go.

The Failures Will Come

Failure is scary. It’s never the outcome we hope for, but it is an excellent learning opportunity. When you don’t succeed at something, reflect on the situation and what you could have done differently, then get back up and try again. Now that’s being brave.

Perfection? Never Heard of It.

When you’re doing something scary, try not to have any expectations. In fact, make it your goal to learn something or grow from the experience. If you seek perfection, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

Just Do It

When faced with a scary situation, sometimes the best way to handle it is to take a deep breath and do it. Impulsive decisions keep us from overthinking. And without those negative thoughts, being brave isn’t as scary.

Limitations Exist

You can’t do everything all the time. Set healthy boundaries and learn to be okay with opting not to do something every once in a while. Just don’t make a habit out of it!


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