How to Avoid the Back to Normal Blues

When your maps, brochures, carry-ons and cameras are tucked away.
When your long layovers and missed flights are in the rear-view.
When your social media channels are officially on pause.
The back to normal blues are ready and waiting.

With your most recent travel adventure done and dusted, it’s a struggle to fall back into a “blah and boring” daily routine. Without the new sights and new friends to keep every minute interesting, what’s the point in waking up & getting dressed in the morning? Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration — but you get the drift. The point: to fund your next trip, duh.

So, what do you do when your schedule is free of travel plans and trip notes? It’s time to satisfy the travel bug with other ways. To learn how to avoid the back to normal blues, read on. Think: small budget, easy routes — at least temporarily.

1. Plan a Staycation

Since taking a vacay (again) is a no-go, try the next best thing: plan a staycation.
Trade crossing borders for exploring local streets; cross-country flights for short-distance road trips. Whether driving around town or catching a train, take time to explore your own city and re-discover your surroundings. Based on your personal interests, make a list of things to do (and see) and play tourist. Be sure to add on-trend spots, go-to places and local attractions. Reminder: the hop-on hop-off bus isn’t just for out-of-town visitors. Quick tip: reach out to your family, friends and followers for recommendations and group the new to you sights and sites at the top of your list.

2. Host a House Party

When it comes to travelling, the lead up to the trip is part of the excitement. Hello final countdown! The packing, prepping and last minute buys help to fill your time, busy your schedule and improve your mood. Replace travel plans with party plans, hosting duties and playlist picks to keep on smiling. Similar to choosing a vacation destination, organizing a house party includes setting a date, creating a budget & scrolling social media.

Think about upping the fun factor by hosting a theme and/or costume party. From sending invitations and purchasing decorations to dressing up and dishing out, find inspo online and go above and beyond in the theme department to win party points.

3. #TBT to the Max

In addition to good songs and great times, planning a staycation and hosting a house party mean a high price tag. If you’d prefer to save your dollars for your next voyage, count on throwing it back to beat the blues.

Participate in one (or all) of the established throwback social trends that continue to take over the platforms. Return to old snaps and stories; remember inside jokes and moments in time regularly by using shared hashtags and tagging favorite locations.

To further keep the memory of your trip alive, make a point of keeping in touch with not only your travel buddies, but also those you met along the way.

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