Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Whether you shop once a week, multiple times a week, or stock up monthly, grocery shopping bills add up quickly. To help keep your budget in check, here are a few helpful grocery shopping tips.

Pre-Plan Your Meals

Meal prepping is a trend for a reason. Not only is it easier to plan your meals for the week in terms of time spent in the kitchen, but it’s also a lot easier on your wallet. When you pre-plan your meals for the week, you can set a budget and stick to it.

Write a List (and Follow It)

A grocery list is an underrated tool, as it helps you to stay on task without having to wander up and down the aisles, selecting items as you stumble upon them. Ideally, your list will be categorized by department, so you can breeze through the store and check off items as you go. As such, you’re automatically keeping yourself accountable to your budget.

Take Advantage of Apps

Grocery shopping apps are a new-age convenience we should all be taking advantage of. When you do your grocery shopping via an app, you have much more control over your budget, down to the cents. So, if your budget is $50, you can see what it takes to reach that budget without having to do the math in your head.

Don’t Be Afraid of Loyalty Programs

When asked if you want to join a rewards program, odds are, your immediate reaction is “no.” But if you shop at the same grocery store every week, looking into the program isn’t a bad idea. Do some research into the perks these programs offer and pay special attention to whether they cost you anything. If it doesn’t cost a dime and you end up with some money-back rewards, it’s definitely worth your time.

Don’t Ignore Your Pantry

How many times have you purchased an item that you already had? As you create your grocery list, make sure you compare it against your pantry, fridge, and cabinets. When you’re on a budget, every dollar counts; so when you don’t need to buy something that particular week, it’s best to wait until you do.

Do you have any tips for grocery shopping on a budget? Share with us in the comments below!

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