Game Night Subscription Services Worthy of Your Money

In modern society, a traditional board game just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sure, it’s great for a nostalgic night in, but there are far more appealing offers out there now. If your game night is at risk of putting everyone to sleep, it may be time to spice it up a bit. Luckily, these game subscription services elevate your game playing to levels that put all other games to shame.

Murder Mystery in a Box (click here)

If you’re a true crime junkie, look no further for the perfect game! Murder Mystery in a Box is an immersive experience in which you receive a monthly murder mystery that needs to be solved.

The last week of every month, you will have a brand new mystery delivered to your door that will take approximately two to four hours to solve, meaning you have a recurring game night appointment with brand new content. Each box is entirely different, and the contents are a surprise, including items like crime scene photos, suspect profiles, and forensic evidence.

The subscription service costs $35/month. The Mystery Experiences Company is staffed mostly by individuals with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities, so not only will you have an amazing game for your game night, but you might also be more inclined to dish out the monthly fee.

Escape the Crate (click here)

For those of you who enjoy the occasional escape room, Escape the Crate provides you with the same experience in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price.

Every other month, you will receive a new Escape Box with a plethora of puzzles, riddles, and clues that must be solved to “escape the crate.” The subscription service is $29.99 every other month, so it’s ideal for small groups that can’t meet monthly.

Madmen & Heroes (click here)

This game selection is designed with history buffs in mind, and it’s a more challenging experience that brings you face to face with intriguing historical mysteries.

For a monthly fee of $29.50, this subscription box provides two options: the CRAAAFT box (that ships the second week of the month) or the Resystance box (that ships the last week of the month). The boxes are themed around worldwide myths/folklore and resistance movements throughout history, respectively.

Choose the topic you find the most interesting, and your box will be delivered, full of letters, artifacts, and puzzles to dive into. After the delivery of every box, you’ll receive additional information on the topic you selected. So if you like your game night with a side of education, you’re all set!

Hunt a Killer (click here)

Last but certainly not least, Hunt a Killer is one of the more prolific game subscription services available. For $165 per season (6 months), you’ll receive a monthly box of clues, puzzles, and evidence that transport you into a cold case.

You can select from murder mystery boxes or horror mystery boxes, depending on your appreciation for the macabre (and ability to sleep at night).

This game is a slow burn, as each season plays out over six months, and the plot thickens with every box delivery. If you’re a fan of drawn-out mystery and suspense, this is the box for you! Just don’t expect to solve it in a night.

Game night doesn’t have to feel like a recurring chore. These game subscription services are worthy of your time and your money, so subscribe and enjoy an elevated game night!

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