For a Positive Spin Put Pen to Paper

Across the globe, as cities and countries begin to enter new stages of reopening, it’s likely that many people are still feeling down about postponing summer plans, existing restrictions, and the guidelines for social distancing. It’s going to take time to adapt to the new normal. Sporting a mask in the middle of a heat wave isn’t exactly what we’d call a good time.

Although you can’t return to the “good old days” or rewind time, one way to put a positive spin on our new normal is by keeping a journal. Whether writing an entry on a regular schedule or every now and then, it’s easy to find time to put pen to paper—especially when we’re spending so much time at home. Crack the cover, flip the page, click the pen, and transform your thoughts into words, sentences, and paragraphs. Drop a jot, make a list, scribble a line or two, or write an essay to put words to your feelings. When it comes to journaling, there are no restrictions or rules to live by. Thankfully.

During this challenging time, with no clear end in sight, more than writing about your day or recapping your week, create a list of things that you’re grateful for. While in mid-lockdown mode, my friend shared that she’s been keeping a journal of all the things that she’s grateful for on a day-to-day basis and suggested I give it a go. From having food on the table and a roof over my head to soaking up the sun and spending more quality time with friends and family, this type of reflection allows for perspective. At least for me, this is a helpful tool to control the flip flop of good and bad days and remember the little joys and blessings of daily life.

Although things could be better, they could also be worse. Just like everyone else, you’re missing the standard makings of some solid summer fun: summertime parties, playgrounds with the kids, international travel and more. However, a backyard barbecue, poolside hangout, or board game night sounds like the a great back-up plan. Aside from a significant increase in meal delivery, online spending, and family dysfunction, 2020 is all about recognizing—and making the most of—the small things that bring joy to hectic and uncertain times.

If you need to jumpstart your brainstorming, the following is a list of potential reasons to say thanks:

  • Available WiFi
  • Access to Netflix
  • Family
  • Quality time with pets
  • A bicycle or a pair of blades
  • Ice cream cones and tan lines
  • Book exchanges and board games
  • Long walks, road trips, and staycations
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