Flying With Sanity: Quick Tips For Thanksgiving Travel

By Thanksgiving, the holiday season is in full swing. And while this may be a wonderful time of year for family…it can be a terrible time for travel!

You’ve heard the nightmare stories (maybe you’ve even lived through a few of them)  of long delays, canceled flights, long lines and grumpy travelers.

While some of it may feel like a necessary evil, there are ways to improve your Thanksgiving travel to make it as least stressful as possible…

Fly on Thanksgiving Day: It may seem counter intuitive to fly on Thanksgiving Day, but it turns out it’s an excellent day to travel compared to the days before and after.

On Thanksgiving, it’s not as busy because most people are not traveling on that day. Also, there is a less likely chance of delays.

So, if there’s a way you can celebrate Thanksgiving before the actual day or find a flight with a time that works, it may be worth it!

Fly on Black Friday: Just like Thanksgiving, traveling on Black Friday is an optimal day to travel if you want to avoid delays and crowds.

Everyone will be…you guessed it…shopping till they drop at all the Black Friday sales. This is your chance to get to and from your destination with less hassle.

Avoid Tuesday: Tuesday (or any mid week day) is usually a good day for travel, but not after Thanksgiving. This is when many people are traveling back home for the holiday.

Consider Mexico for travel: If heading home for the holidays means “going to the midwest”, “heading down south”, or “traveling back east”, why not consider a destination place like Mexico?

It may seem like a strange idea at first. But during the holidays places like Playa del Carmen and Tulum Mexico are inexpensive.

The whole family can plan to meet up there.

Also consider this…flights out of the country are often cheaper than flying domestic at this time, so everyone can save.

Fly Delta: Every airline is vying for your business during this period. However, you may want to consider Delta for domestic flights. They are known for having one of the highest on-time arrival and departure times in the industry. That means less chances of delays.


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