Five Affordable Fair Trade Coffees

Rich, aromatic, robust, heavenly…you smell it long before you ever see it. Coffee. The unique, bold aroma hits you with full-bodied force! It taunts and teases you, drawing you in with promises of delighting taste buds and heightening alertness. For some, making coffee is a morning ritual that helps them start the day off right. For others, ordering an espresso drink from a drive-thru cafe makes their commute a much more tolerable experience.

With the U.S. racing to take the lead as the country with the highest coffee consumption worldwide, there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down our coffee craze. As we see sales of gourmet coffee drinks rising, we also see the demand for Fair Trade options grow. Thanks to Millennials, ethically-sourced goods and the demand for sustainable, responsible business practices are swelling. Intelligent companies understand this and are making positive changes. Whether drinking coffee downtown or enjoying it at home, Fair Trade options have never been as widely available or as affordable as they are today.

Wondering which responsibly-sourced coffees to stock in your pantry? The following five are attainable and affordable brands with fair trade practices – be sure to always look for the Fair Trade Certified seal!

Kirkland Signature House Blend from Costco (Click Here)

Seattle’s Best 6th Avenue Bistro Fairtrade Organic (Click Here)

Adventure Coffee Roasting (Click Here)

Bonfire Coffee (Click Here)

365 North Company (Click Here)

There are so many more brands that have Fair Trade Coffee. Check them out (Here).

Whether you’re the type to enjoy a black cup of Joe or you’re a cappuccino enthusiast, using responsibly-sourced beans brings a whole extra level of satisfaction to your favorite beverage!

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