Elevate Your Style Without Wearing Your Go To Jewelry

Whether you’re a fan of the delicate and dainty or the big and chunky, the understated or the over-sized, jewelry is a key part of almost every woman’s wardrobe. While trendsetters are usually looking for ways to build their jewelry wardrobe, collecting the basics and adding the extras is heavy on the wallet. Along with a signature ring, a statement necklace, a stack of bangle bracelets and a set of diamond stud earrings, the extras are unlimited.

With a long list of other accessories on the market, learn ways to adapt & enhance your everyday look without wearing your go to pieces on repeat. By trading costume jewelry for hair clips and make-up tips, you’ll avoid losing, breaking and catching top picks of the day. To stay in the hoop (pun intended!), read on.

Put a Pin In It

Although you should always have a bobby pin within arm’s reach, stylish hair clips, barrettes, headbands and scrunches are back in action. At the center of 1980s fashion – in addition to big curls and the side high tail – these accessories experienced a much-needed update for the up-do. From floral prints to funky shapes, the quick edition is functional and fun for everything from gym sesh to date night.

A Touch of Glitz and Glam

Because who doesn’t love adding one more step to their make-up routine? Following all of the covering up and coloring on, elevate your look by adding face gems or body glitter. To start, it’s probably best to stick to one or the other. There’s no need to get too crazy. Quick tip: save playing with the add-ons for a night out on the town.

Outside of playing dress-up or celebrating the holiday(s), replacing a matte lipstick with a glitter gloss or a smokey eye with a crystal liner will ensure a compliment or two and a boost in confidence. Remember in this case, less is definitely more.

Tie and Toss

Since it’s technically still summer for one more week, pump the brakes on sweater weather. Although plaid ponchos and woolly wraps are closet ready, this year, ease the season transition to bomber jackets and blanket scarfs with one more layer: the handkerchief. As a gender-neutral accessory, the handkerchief is the perfect way to add a pop of color or touch of texture. Beyond tying the fabric around your neck or tossing it in your hair, feel free to use it as a belt, stuff it in your pocket or wrap it around your purse.

For those currently following what’s hot and what’s not, enter fall with a belt bag or fanny pack to stay on-trend, sans jewelry.

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