Easy Tips to Help You Stay Fit

Long hours at the gym and restrictive diets are tough to maintain when you are trying to stay fit. Our budgets and busy schedules might not allow us to attend spin class every morning and nosh on organic food and green juices. Although exercise is important for good health, there are easy ways to stay fit without stepping foot into your local gym. Don’t get frustrated! Only a few slight changes to your daily routine can be enough to help you along:

Use Smaller Plates.
It’s natural to want to fill up your plate, but by using a smaller plate you can fill your plate and still cut down on the amount of food you end up eating. You actually trick your mind into thinking you ate more than you did since your plate looks so full.

Take The Stairs.
It may seem daunting, but taking the stairs instead of an elevator can tone your tush in no time. It’s strength training without actually hitting the gym, so opt for stairs the next time you need to head up a few flights!

Don’t Eat in Front of the TV.
When you’re distracted, you’re not paying attention to how much food you’re consuming. Watching TV while eating leads to higher calorie consumption since you’re eating without thinking.

Drink “Skinny Cocktails.”
Happy hours and boozy brunches are fun but they can lead to over-indulging on high-caloric cocktails.

Don’t Deny Yourself Sweets.
Denying yourself your favorite snack will only make you crave it more. We always want what we can’t have! Instead of cutting out sweets entirely, allow yourself to indulge in that fun-size bag of Doritos or two scoops of gelato once a week. That way, you won’t binge on your favorite treats.

Learn to Love Green Tea.
Save those Frappuccinos for an occasional treat and learn to love the green stuff — no, not money, tea! Green tea is known to reduce belly fat, boost metabolism and help digestion, so drink up!

Limit Going Out to Dinner to Eat.
Unlimited breadsticks, anyone? It’s nice to treat yourself to a meal out with friends every once in awhile, but restaurant portions are almost always bigger than anything you would normally make at home. Save the night’s out for special occasions so you can indulge within reason.

Eat Sitting Down.
Eating while standing up is not only bad for digestion, it actually leads you to consume more calories. When standing up, you eat food more quickly, so you’re more likely not to realize how full you’ve actually become. Take a few minutes to sit down and enjoy your meal.

Don’t Drink Your Calories.
You might be sabotaging your own diet plan without even realizing it! Drinking high calorie beverages might not seem like a big deal at the time, but at the end of the day it adds up. Your morning Starbucks latte has an average if 265 calories, your afternoon soda has 227, and your evening ice tea has 180. When all is said and done, you’re approaching nearly 1000 calories in drinks alone! Try replacing your sugary beverages with water!

Walk Everywhere. 
If you just can’t seem to squeeze in a workout sesh at your gym, torch a few extra calories by choosing to walk as much as you can. Take a walk around the office at lunchtime or skip the bus and walk to work. Walking increases cardiovascular health and strengthens muscles.

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