Do You Have a Leopard Dress Yet?

From the very earliest days of clothing, humankind has been wearing animal print. Once, hunter-gatherers wore actual animal pelts, prizing those that were unusual or bore interesting markings. Today’s fashion is much less feral, and now you can wear an animal print that’s totally cruelty-free and made with synthetic fabrics. And this summer, the look to have is leopard print. Bring out your own wild side a little, and put your own modern twist on the style that borrows a page from fashion’s most primitive days.

Style That Roars

Leopard-print dresses are one of the hottest must-have looks of the summer. If you haven’t already started seeing it all over your Instagram, just wait. Lots of celebs are already slipping into slinky leopard print looks, and this is A-list style that’s easy and affordable to copy (for once).

When looking for leopard-print dresses, don’t be afraid to step outside the style box. Trendy leopard print can come in any color. This look definitely uses nature as an inspiration, but that’s just a starting point. A great leopard dress can be filled with shades of pink, blue and any other color you like, or made in an elegant white and black. Leopard looks today are being designed in a rainbow of color palettes that put a fun spin on this age-old fashion look.

Mini dress cuts with V-shaped necklines are all over the runways and high-end fashion websites. This is an easy style to wear that’s wonderfully forgiving and figure-flattering for any shape. It’s also easy to find anywhere, from thrift shops to high-end boutiques.

What Else to Wear

The great thing about a leopard dress is that it’s instantly eye-catching and looks stylish. You don’t need to add a lot of accessories, and if you do you may clutter up your look. Let your fashion truly roar for you by sticking to a minimalist style when you’re wearing a leopard print dress. All you really need is a great belt to make a casual summer dress pop. Neutral heels or sandals will complete the look without taking anything away from your dress, the main attraction of the outfit.

If you just can’t go without jewelry, try pairing your leopard dress with something simple and elegant, like a pendant necklace, delicate hoop earrings or a string of pearls. You don’t want anything big or bulky, because this may become overwhelming.

Wearing Leopard Print

A simple leopard print dress can be worn to anything you do all summer long. With the right heels and hairstyle, it works well as an office look. Change it up a little, put on your red lipstick and wear the same dress on any hot date. Or, grab your girls and have a fun night out together while you tap into your primal style. There’s no limit to the ways you can wear a leopard print dress, especially when this trendy look is being embraced by style mavens everywhere. This summer is the perfect time to try out this look and have a little fun with your fashion.

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