Creative Ways to Update Your Backyard

With warm weather upon us, it’s time to revamp our backyard spaces to make them more inviting. We’ve compiled a list of creative ways to update your backyard that exude positive energy and style.

Add a Trellis

A backyard trellis can add whimsy and charm to your outdoor space. You can purchase one or, better yet, make your own using wooden boards, metal poles, wire, and other materials. Increase its visual appeal and make the trellis a focal point for climbing flowers or vertically growing vegetables. Your trellis can be the start of a veggie garden or simply a beautiful piece of art.

Repurpose Items

Get creative with your backyard by upcycling items from your home or garage that you no longer use or find in a resale shop. For example, you could repurpose old rain boots, mugs, or cans as planters. You can upcycle vintage teapots for flowers and plants or as decorative pieces. Another way to repurpose items is to collect curiosities that serve as quirky decor, such as old alarm clocks, brass trinkets, and more!

Outdoor Rug

An easy way to add style or color to your backyard is by laying an outdoor rug in the sitting area. We love this Fab Habitat Lhasa Orange & Violet Boho Outdoor Rug ($56.99, shop here). A more subdued choice is this AllModern Genesis Charcoal/Cream Indoor/Outdoor Rug ($120, shop here). And it doesn’t matter how big your backyard is because rugs come in various sizes to accommodate.

Decorate With Lights

Lighting can change your backyard’s entire look and feel. Choose string lights, lanterns, or curtain lights, which all bring a different aesthetic to any space. For example, lanterns can sit on the ground to create a pathway or hang from a tree or pergola.

Our Picks:

Solar Garden Lanterns ($36.99, shop here)

Lantern Edison String Lights (starting at $32.95, shop here)

Solar Curtain Lights ($19.99, shop here)

Set Up a Backyard Theater

If space permits, create your own backyard movie theater. Hook up a projector and make your seating cozy with floor pillows and blankets. Make sure you have a place to set up food or snacks to enjoy while you watch your favorite film.


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