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We are all about good vibes, which is why we love Spirit Daughter, (@spiritdaughter), a Venice, California-based lifestyle brand devoted to helping people live their best lives through harnessing the energy of the universe. Its selection of spiritual and astrological products includes moon workbooks, crystals, auric sprays, books, candles, clothing, dream-catchers, yoga mats, and much more. All of Spirit Daughter’s products are amazing, but here are some of our favorites.

The Daily Journal  ($32, shop here)

This journal will quickly become an integral part of your morning routine! Jill Wintersteen, the founder of Spirit Daughter, has been using this journal daily for over 15 years, a practice she says helps her stay aligned with living the life of her dreams. The journal has over 244 undated pages that, if properly filled, might just change your life.

How does it work? It starts with gratitude, kicking off the morning with reminders of the positive influences in your life. After giving thanks, you’ll list five things to accomplish that day and five things to accomplish in your lifetime. Don’t forget to check back in and finish your journal entry before bed since reflection is key to the process.

Chakra Crystal Kit ($35, shop here)

Did you know that your body is full of energetic pathways that converge at energy centers known as chakras? You want your chakras to move at the right speed and in the right direction, as their movements determine the flow of your life. Spirit Daughter’s Chakra Crystal Kit includes seven crystals – one for each of the seven chakras that govern the energies of your mind, body, and spirit. The crystals can help to clear blockages from your chakras so that your energies move freely. The kit also comes with informative cards that explain the mantras to repeat while using each crystal.

Moon Workbook: Leo  ($10 print or $7 digital, shop here)

Leo season is in full force through August 22, with the Leo New Moon occurring on August 8. This workbook will help you connect to your joy, vulnerability, and true self, and encourage you to present it to the world with the power and courage of a lion. Not a Leo? That’s okay. The workbook walks you through all of the potential that Leo season and the Leo New Moon has to offer you, regardless of your zodiac sign.

A workbook for every upcoming cycle is written each month by Wintersteen herself. Additional books and subscription information about the series are available here.

Spirit Daughter is your source for all things needed to align universal energies. Be sure to check out Spirit Daughter’s site to get started on your spiritual journey.


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