Full-Looking Eyebrows Are Back

Like everything else, eyebrows are subject to trends. They go from skinny to full, natural to painted on. There have even been times when the unibrow look was trendy. Luckily, that’s not happening now. What’s happening now with eyebrows is that bigger is better. So do you know how to get this look?

How Do Your Eyebrows Grow?

For a long time, thinner eyebrows were in style — and yours may still be trained to stay within skinny lines. Work on getting bigger, fuller eyebrows naturally with coconut oil, olive oil, or petroleum jelly. Lots of moisture promotes hair growth. Apply it to your brows frequently to encourage quick growth. Using an oil will be less expensive than a growth serum, but may take a little longer to get fuller brows. Pluck sparingly to make sure the brows you’ve been working hard for don’t get plucked away!

How to Fake a Big Eyebrow Look

Great-looking eyebrows start with great makeup. Always use a light touch when using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel color on your brows. Apply the eyebrow pencil color by making light, upward-flicking motions that follow the natural growth pattern of your eyebrow hairs. Don’t be afraid to go a little above or a little below your brows to fill in sparse spots. Be sure to brush your eyebrows gently starting at the middle near your nose and brushing outward towards your ears with a clean and dry mascara wand to get all the hairs looking well-groomed and to gently blend in the color.

BH Cosmetics Studio makes a line of cruelty-free eyebrow makeup pencils. They’re made with a traditional type of eyebrow pencil at one end and an eyebrow brush at the other.

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