Benefits of Group Therapy

If your mental health is lagging and you’re looking for ways to manage your condition, group therapy might have crossed your mind. Just like in traditional therapy, issues are discussed out loud. The difference is that sessions are not one-on-one; they’re held in group settings (typically 5-15 people and 1-2 therapists). The discussion topics are not random, and everyone in the group is dealing with the same or similar issues. Here, we’ll discuss some of the added benefits of group therapy.

Provides a Safe Place

Group therapy provides a safe place to open up about anxiety, depression, addiction, panic, or other mental health conditions. If you have others around you going through the same experiences, you might find comfort in them and trust the therapeutic process.

Provides Different Perspectives

Where there is a group of people, there are different perspectives. Sharing one another’s experiences can help you discuss problems, navigate ideas, and implement effective strategies. Plus, everyone in group therapy is at different stages of mental health development. This means advice about shared experiences and coping mechanisms can be offered.

Encourages Support

Giving and receiving support can boost your overall health. When you help someone, your brain automatically releases dopamine. The same thing happens when you vent to others. After every session, you might feel happier than you did coming in.

Promotes Social Skills

If you have social anxiety or depression, group therapy can help your social skills. You’ll be navigating situations with the help of others, developing relationships, and breaking out of your comfort zone.

Leads to Self-Discovery

We all have a blind spot or two. Most of the time, it takes someone else to point it out for us to notice. That’s where group therapy comes in. Even though we know something is wrong, we have no idea how to fix it. If you’re willing to open up in group therapy, you can be led to self-discovery. You’ll see what’s holding you back from addressing problems because your therapy peers can point it out.

Additional group therapy benefits include:

  • Exposure to new behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs
  • Positive support systems
  • Affordability
  • Less loneliness

Have you tried group therapy? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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