Add Faux Leather Looks to Your Wardrobe

Vinyl and faux leather looks exploded onto the Paris runways during Fashion Week, and this trend is definitely one that’s here to stay. There’s practically no limit to the ways you can play around with this material to create stylish, trendy outfits.


Who needs metal when you’ve got faux leather? Faux leather earrings are available in just about any color shade you can imagine in both glossy and matte designs. Style forecasters predict that leather earrings are going to get more popular this year, so get yourself a pair or two right now to be the trendsetter of your friend group.

High Gloss Faux Patent Leather Fashion

Leather, fur and other fashion made from animals is not hot in today’s day and age, so that’s what makes vinyl (faux patent leather) so popular. The glossier your faux patent leather look, the better. Vinyl and faux patent leather trench coats made a huge splash during Paris Fashion Week. The great thing about a glossy trench coat is that you can wear it with almost anything, from capri pants to a flowing maxi to a cute party mini dress.

Thinking Outside the Box

If you want to be able to wear faux leather without suffocating your skin, look for loose-fitting and lightweight designs that have breathable fabric linings that will feel more comfortable against your skin. You might also consider looking for short dresses and leather clothing with cutouts that allow your skin to breathe.

Looking Trendy

Looking trendy and staying in style isn’t always easy, and that goes double for any popular looks involving faux leather. But it is possible to wear it well and still stay comfortable; to make an impression without making yourself suffer. Choose smart faux leather looks and pair pieces together well to embrace this trend, and let everyone wonder how you manage to maintain such amazing, effortless, high fashion style.

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