Add Crochet Clothes to Your Wardrobe

Maybe it’s the baby boomers, the DIYers or just a genuine adoration of lightweight knits among the fashion-buying public, but crochet is one of the hottest styles to have right now. Once reserved for the Christmas presents you try not to grimace at, crochet has become the hot fashion choice for the youngest and trendiest celebs. Add some crochet to your wardrobe, or you run the risk of being tragically out of style.

Crochet Clothes

Loose and lightweight, crochet style fabrics are an ideal way to wear knit clothing in any weather. You can wear crochet layered over solids in the Spring, or over a spaghetti strap in the heat of Summer. Crochet clothes are appearing everywhere right now, and that means there’s a huge variety of options out there.

Explore the crochet trend in a long maxi dress, a cute shift dress, a great crop top or a fun night out, body-hugging mini dress. The only problem with crochet clothes is the obvious one: there’s a lot of empty space in crochet knit patterns. You will need to incorporate clothing under your crochet looks, which gives you lots of ways to play around with this style trend. Pair crochet with slightly sheer fabrics and close-fitting clothing to shows off the lines and curves of your figure to make this fashion trend super sexy and stylish.


The crochet craze isn’t stopping at clothes. Accessories of all types are being crocheted, too. What you really need to match that new crochet maxi dress is a pair of crochet ankle boots or a set of cute heeled sandals. Use a crochet purse to pull the whole look together. If you really want to embrace the trend, you can put on crochet earrings, a crochet bracelet and heck, finish it off with a crochet belt.

Add crochet clothes to your wardrobe this year, and get trendy. This is a fun style to play with, and your options for wearing crochet are pretty broad.

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