7 Books for the Style Savvy

Scouring the most recently published fashion articles and Instagram posts will get you up to date on what is currently happening in the fashion world—but have you ever wanted to get lost in the intricacies of fashion history?

Designers, editors, photographers, and style icons have created an entire genre of books dedicated to various aspects of the fashion world. So settle in, pull up that Amazon browser tab, and enjoy this list of our seven favorite books that should be gracing every fashionista’s bookshelf.

  1. The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian DiorThis charming handbook regarding all things fashion can be tucked away in your handbag for everyday use. The Little Dictionary of Fashion is filled to the brim with timeless tips for the fashion savvy. ($9.95, click here)
  2. Champagne Supernovas by Maureen Callahan – If you love the revival of ’90s style, you need to snag a copy of Champagne Supernovas. Pop culture journalist Maureen Callahan takes readers back to the 1990s when alternative became mainstream. This book is an inside look at how the “outcasts” became the icons of a decade and how they reshaped the future of pop culture forever. ($15.79, click here)
  3. Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon by Iris ApfelIf you’ve seen the documentary Advanced Style (and we suggest you cozy up and watch it—stat—if you haven’t), then you already know the creative goddess that is Iris Apfel. In this book, you’ll read musings from the brilliant mind of Iris herself and pore over a treasure trove of photographs. This book is great for coffee tables so that you have easy access to inspiration at all times. ($25.49, click here)
  4. Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. ClineAuthor Elizabeth Cline sets out to better understand the world of fast fashion and its impact on society, the planet, and economics. Book critic Katha Pollitt said, “Overdressed does for T-shirts and leggings what Fast Food Nation did for burgers and fries.” ($17, click here)
  5. Nevertheless, She Wore It: 50 Iconic Fashion Moments by Ann Shon – Who doesn’t need a book of iconic women in iconic ensembles? Nevertheless, She Wore It illustrates the power of fashion both politically and culturally. From women’s liberation outfits in the 1920s to the afro, the cone bra, and RBG’s notorious calling card, the outfits in this book will inspire anyone ready and willing to defy style and societal norms. ($20.25, click here)
  6. 100 Years of Fashion by Cally Blackman – From 1900 to today, with over 400 photographs and illustrations, this book delves deep into the archives of fashion, covering uniforms, streetwear, sportswear, couture, and everything in between. ($39.08, click here)
  7. The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg – If you need an uplifting and influential read (don’t all of us?), you need Diane von Furstenberg’s book of personal life stories. Furstenberg, an influential designer, wanted to become “the kind of woman who is independent and who doesn’t rely on a man to pay her bills.” She did just that. ($17, click here)

Whether you’re looking for a great coffee table book or you want to get lost in personal stories of fashion legends, this list has a book for every fashion enthusiast out there.

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