5 Simple Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

It’s that time of year when you leave your home in the middle of the day and immediately feel like you are stepping into an oven. Of course, the last thing we want to do during a heatwave is deal with our hair. For those scorching summer days, here are five quick and easy styles that can be adapted to (mostly) any hair type.

Claw Clips

If you browse hair trends on Pinterest or TikTok, you’ll see that claw clips are back and better than ever. Just throw your hair up into a twist, clip it, and bam: You are now living in your ’90s/Y2K fantasy. You can also style your hair half-up, half-down or slick it back and allow some pieces to hang around the face. Claw clips are incredibly versatile, so have fun and find what works for you!

Bubble Braids and Ponies

If you haven’t already, check out Gigi Hadid’s bubble braids. Anyone can create this no-fuss style – and you don’t even have to know how to braid. You can also put all of your hair into a regular ponytail and create one big bubble pony. Simply tie a few elastics along the pony, spacing them evenly. Then, slightly pull each section in between the elastics to get the “bubble” effect.

Beach Waves

Beach waves can be easily achieved by leaving in braids overnight. Depending on your hair type, braid your hair into one or multiple french braids while it’s damp. Sleep on it, and in the morning when it’s dry, finger-comb the braids, and you’ll have a beautiful beachy look. You can also use a crimping tool if you don’t have an evening to spend drying! Regardless of which method you use, make sure to spritz a salt or texturizing spray onto your damp or dry hair for that added beachy effect.

Butterfly Clips

For a fun and flirty look, relive your childhood with some tiny butterfly clips, which can be used to clip your hair back however you see fit. Butterfly clips are available in a wide range of colors, so you can always match them to your outfit.

Sleek Low Bun

For this quick style, all you need is a brush, a hair tie, and gel or your favorite styling product. Apply your product, then brush your strands down for a sleek effect. Next, twist the ends until your hair curls up into a low bun. Finally, secure it with a hair tie, and you’ll be out the door in no time!

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