5 Reasons to Hit the Beach Other than the Towel & Tan Combo

With the summer sun dwindling and beach bum days on the decline, there’s limited time to schedule easy, breezy moments. On the agenda: spontaneous treks and last minute trips to the beach to soak up the sun. According to the weather forecast, it’s necessary to welcome September with open arms and bare legs. Depending on your end of summer vibes, replace back to school with back to beach and make the most of the season. Beers and beats, check.

So you like the heavy heat, but you’re not a fan of lazing and lounging? We get it. It’s all about finding the balance between kicking back and making moves. To take notes on how to avoid the towel and tan combo (and fomo feels), read on.

1. Play a Game

Swap board for beach and organize an outdoor game. From spikeball to slacklining, gather the group for some friendly competition. The perfect way to transition from catching rays to scoring points, travelling with a variety of light equipment including beanbags, horseshoes and bocce balls and a game set (or two) is a must. To increase the fun-o-meter, change up the game, location and team(s) on the regular. And for a little extra Sunday Funday action, add a round of flip cup where you want, when you want.

2. Get Your Exercise On

Depending on your mood and level, go for a run, strike a pose or try a new sport. FYI: practice makes perfect. Since you can loop your laces and drop your mat sans sand & shore, feel free to hit the water in a whole new way. Regardless of experience, find a board or a boat and push your limits. From kneeboarding to kiteboating, bodysurfing to waterskiing (and everything in between), the possibilities are endless. A personal fav: SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) is always a good time.

3. Throw It Way Back

Whether throwing it back to your young(er) self or taking care of the kids, part ways with your towel to skip a rock, fly a kite and/or build a sand castle. With a number of basic life lessons on the go, people of all ages would likely benefit from a teaching or a re-teaching of fun in the sun.

4. Start a Collection

Feel free to slow down your pace and walk the shoreline with a mission: to collect beach-based objects for your next DIY project. With more in mind than clicking pics and doing it for the gram, dip your toes while on the hunt for the best glassies, shells and twigs. Whether creating your own art or crafting your own decoration; planning to keep or prepping to sell, flex your creative muscle with a nautical theme. If you’re in need of some inspo, check out Pinterest or Etsy pre-pick up and clean off.

5. Pack a Picnic

Don’t worry about counting your calories, keeping track of your cash or cutting your beach day short because of your hangry partner. Pack a family and friend lunch (with plenty of snacks and drinks) to keep the party going. Organize a potluck by spreading the word and extending the invite. As always, the more the merrier – leading to less people only sunbathing and towel tanning.

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