5 Chic Candles To Elevate Your Home!

(Image: Shayna Taylor with LesRuches candles. Follow her on Instagram @Shaynateresetaylor )

Is there such a thing as a candle connoisseur? We’re not sure, but if there were, that candle connoisseur would definitely tell us to throw out our Yankee candles and elevate our homes with something chicer.

What makes a candle chic, though? In our chic candle competition, we’re looking for a beautiful design that will act as half-candle half-decor, an almost culinary-minded scent profile, and of course, a great formula that yields a great smell.

LesRuches If the fancy French-sounding name isn’t enough, the marble container this organic, hand poured candle comes in will convince you it’s the next must have candle you need to have in your home. Our chic friend Shayna Taylor collaborated with LesRuches to come up with the Noir Amethyst Candle, and trust us, it smells sensational. All of their fragrances are made with pure essential oils, pure organic beeswax from natural golden yellow honey (no bleach or colorants) & lead-free cotton wicks, so it’s safe to breath in…which you will surely want to do because their scents are so captivating. The site is having a stay home, stay cozy, 30% off coupon “BEEHOME”.

Rachel Vosper Remember how we asked if a candle connoisseur was a thing? Well, Rachel Vosper proves it is. She creates custom scent blends for the top of the top (we’re talking royal figures here). Her website’s also nifty; you get to pick exactly what kind of candle design you want (3 wicks, glass or crystal jar, etc.), and from there, you select one of her unique scent creations.

Voluspa This is the candle that first introduced us to the world of high-end candles — our gateway candle if you will. It’s everything you need in a chic candle addition to your nightstand: beautifully designed and wonderfully scented.

Jo Malone Whether it’s perfume, body care products, or candles — this brand knows how to make scents. We might be a little biased, being Jo Malone customers ourselves, but seriously, this brand does not make a single bad scent profile. Plus, the classic and minimalist design of their candles will add a nice touch to your nightstand, whatever your decor scheme is.

M&J London If you’re worried about the cost of spending a pretty penny on candles, feel a little better by purchasing from this brand, who donates a percentage of their profits to charity. M&J London does everything possible to make their candles earth friendly: vegan candle wax, recyclable jars (that can be converted into drinking glasses), and recyclable packaging.

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