3 Ways to Spend Your Time While Self-Isolating and Social Distancing

With the (literal) change of pace taking over the world due to COVID-19, many of us have extra time on our hands. In some cases, the breaking of routine and blurring of days have led to a warped sense of time. When asking my friend the other day about his weekend, he replied with the text: What weekend? According to another one of my best buds, every morning feels like Monday and every evening feels like Friday. Accurate.

Depending on your living situation, there is a long list of ways to spend your time while self-isolating and social distancing. Whether living on your own or with your friends or family, the passing of time doesn’t have to feel like watching paint dry or listening to the same song on repeat. The clock is still ticking and the calendar is still flipping, pinky promise.

From getting a head start on your spring cleaning or spending time in the kitchen to cracking a new book and catching up on your favorite show, here is a list of ways to spend your time while in lockdown mode:

  1. Clean, Clear, Purge & Pack: embrace a minimal lifestyle

With a shift in perspective and the realization that it’s the things we often take for granted like a roof over our head, a full plate of food and human connection, letting go of material belongings isn’t so hard this time around. As the thinking and helping of others is top of mind, we no longer feel the need to hold on to all the clothes piling up in our closet or the accessories collecting dust in every corner of our room. The need to hoard and the desire to hold on is a thing of the past.

By maintaining a daily routine and completing a to-do list, you’ll wake up every day with a sense of purpose and go to sleep at night with a sense of accomplishment. This season, with life as we know it on pause, take spring cleaning to the next level. Rummage through old photos, letters and books to take a trip down memory lane. And use the unexpected throwback as a reminder of what will soon(ish) be again.

  1. Craft & Create: think outside the box to stimulate your mind and body

With the virus providing a temporary finish line for the way of life known as the rat race, re-visit an old pastime or start a new hobby. Read, write, sketch, paint, sculpt, cook, bake or garden. Learn a new language, play a new instrument, try a new form of exercise, take an online course, form a book club, create a social media account. Although it doesn’t seem like it, there is plenty to do to pack your day.

For those with little ones, when not trying to balance working slash schooling from home, limit screen time by doing things like coloring, singing songs, creating skits, taking a bike ride, performing science experiments and eating as a family.

  1. Reach Out & Catch Up: check in on friends and family

Whether via texting or talking, fill the gaps in your day by reaching out and catching up with those both near and far. Best buds, pen pals, co-workers, colleagues, family members, neighbors, old friends, new flames; check in, touch base and follow up to find out how they’re doing. Although required to trade in-person for online dates, with accepting and adapting to a slower pace of life, we’re spending more time connecting than ever before. While in self-isolating and social distancing, set up a group social session, grab a drink and cheers to a new way of staying safe and keeping in touch.

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