3 Ways to Keep Your Routine While Working from Home

Without the commute, dress code and daily schedule to consider these days, most of those working from home are struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy. The dishes are accumulating, the laundry is piling up and the kids are acting out. Within a week, your family room has been converted into your office space and your kitchen table has been changed into your child’s work station. From top to bottom your home is likely in a state of chaos & your personal appearance is likely in a state of neglect – no judgment here.

Up for debate: with the change from in-office to at-home work, do you keep your eating & sleeping habits in check, or do you have your comfy clothes on and make-up bag tucked away?

To maintain skincare, meal prep and outfit of the day, check out the following ways to keep your daily routine (and sanity).

  1. Set Your Alarm: wake up, rinse off and add a pop of color

If you have little ones ready to rise and shine, there’s no need to set your alarm. They’ll (happily) determine when you need to roll out of bed, make a pot of coffee, serve a bite of breaky and start the day. In their words, you’re welcome. If this isn’t the case, set your alarm and avoid pressing snooze on repeat. Similar to heading into the office, jump in the shower, put on your face, fix up your ‘do and switch your pajamas for jeans. Depending on the day show your lashes some love or add a pop of color to your lips, no need to make up to the max. We all know when you look good, you feel good. And during this time of quarantine and isolation, we could all use some good vibes and a positive push to increase productivity.

  1. Take a Break: spend your lunch hour away from your computer

Whether spending part of your lunch hour chalking up the sidewalk with your kids or going for a walk around your neighborhood, limit your screen time by eating, playing and exercising away from your desk. If possible, take advantage of the spring season by getting a breath of fresh air and soaking up the sun. While responding to e-mails, participating in conference calls and meeting deadlines from home, save time (and money) by cutting down on take-out and preparing (instead of packing) lunch the night before.

  1. Prioritize Quality Time: put family first

Although this tip is simple and self-explanatory, work life often gets in the way of spending quality time with your family. With more hours in the day to fill and an increase in social responsibility, turn your frown into fun. Whether on your own or with your family, with no known end date, the long list of current restrictions is the cause of both good and bad days for everyone.

Turn the negative into positive by using life in quarantine as a way to prioritize quality family time. By sitting down on a nightly basis for family dinner and coming up with creative ways to spend your spare time as a group, you’ll improve your routine moving forward.

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