3 Reasons to Cuddle Up and Turn a Page This Winter

The winter season is known for being the top season for changing into your jams and curling up with a good book, (minus hitting the ski slope or heading to the skating rink). Whether you’re kicking it fireside or cuddling up with an extra pillow, it’s time to trade lifting weights at the gym for flipping pages.

First things first, read up (pun intended) on new releases, old classics and/or best sellers to get an idea of the next title you want to take on. It’s important to choose carefully. After all, between work and play you only have so many free minutes on the daily – if any at all. Depending on how quickly you can read it’ll can you a hot minute to cover front to back. Don’t waste your time cracking a book if you don’t think you’ll make it to the end – or even worse through the first chapter.

In addition to skimming summaries and reviews, reach out to friends and family to ask for suggestions or spend time exploring the aisles of a local bookstore – yes, they still exist. Tip: If you end up with too many titles to count, create a good book list in order of favorites for future reference.

  1. Live & Learn: turn the page for a takeaway and to tick off your list

Whether you choose fact or fiction, choose to step up your book game in order to learn a thing (or two) or stretch your imagination. Feel free to throw it back to your younger days when creating characters, telling stories and learning new things took place on the regular. With the completion of schooling and the complacency of work-life, we tend to lose an interest in learning new things.

  1. Rule the Routine: establish a routine to enhance self-care

I know you’re thinking you can’t be bothered with another “to do” list, but think about picking up a book or joining a book club as a way to enhance your self-care. Similar to your skincare routine or physical fitness routine, taking time to read will allow you to calm your mind and feel better. With rest and relaxation in association with reading, aiming to read a chapter or two every night before bed will give you the chance to unwind and promote a good night’s sleep.

  1. Switch Off & Shut Down: make an effort to decrease your screen time

Whether texting, talking, liking, scrolling, commenting, or gramming, (say that five times fast), your daily dose of screen time is likely higher than it should be. And now with a setting that breaks down your screen time on the phone, you’re well aware of how much time you waste walking with your head down. Add the time you spend binging on a Netflix session and the struggle is real. By switching off and shutting down, you’ll come to appreciate the power of holding a book in the flesh, turning a page and storytelling to yourself.

To start (or add) to your book list, check out the following titles for some suggested light reading (in no particular order):

The Opposite of Loneliness (by Marina Keegan)

The Nest (by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney)

Little Fires Everywhere (by Celeste Ng)

The Kite Runner (by Khaled Hosseini)

Washington Black (by Esi Edugyan)

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