11 Top Ways to Celebrate Fall

Leaves have begun to change color, the weather is getting cooler, the days are shorter, and the scents of pumpkin spice and cinnamon brooms fill the air. It’s October—time to fully embrace the fall season. The Holidays are around the corner, so there is a lot to get excited about!

If these seasonal changes aren’t enough to take your mind off summer sun and the nearest pool, don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the best activities to get you into the fall mood. Put on your cosiest sweater and grab the warm, spiced beverage of your choice, because we’re getting downright autumnal!

Go to a pumpkin patch

Nothing says fall like spending the afternoon with loved ones at a pumpkin patch. You’ll be choosing the perfect pumpkins to decorate your home, running through a corn maze, and making memories that will last a lifetime. It’s the most fun way to kick-start fall decorating.

Go apple picking

Apple picking means one thing – lots and lots of baked goods. Apple pies, caramel apples, baked apples, apple turnovers, apple crisp—all just vehicles for the perfect combo that is apple and cinnamon. Grab the whole family and head to the apple orchards for a fun-filled day! Don’t forget to stock up on cider while you’re there.

Make a fall pie

Speaking of baking, one of the best things about fall is all the festive pies! Pumpkin, pecan, apple, sweet potato, you name it. Baking pies is a great way to get your house smelling as festive as possible!

Go to a harvest festival

If you need a full-fledged helping of fall to start feeling festive, drive your family to the local harvest festival. Stock up on fresh, seasonal produce and support small businesses selling fall goodies!

Decorate the house with your favorite fall decor

Get everyone feeling festive by changing up the decor in your home. Bring in fall colors, fake leaves, fall wreaths, and pumpkins galore! No need to completely redecorate (but kudos if that’s your thing)—a few simple changes, like scented candles, throw pillows, and a pumpkin or two will transform the mood in your home.

Carve a pumpkin

Speaking of pumpkins, with Halloween right around the corner, carving a pumpkin (or two) is a must! Have a pumpkin carving competition amongst family or friends to really get in the Halloween mood. To turn up the challenge level, have everyone design their own jack-o-lantern, no stencils allowed!

Share scary stories by the campfire

In the spirit of Halloween, get your family feeling spooky by sitting around a fire and sharing ghostly tales! Extend the fun by setting up a tent or two in the backyard and “go camping.”

Collect canned goods to donate to the local food bank

November is the season of giving thanks for what we have, as well as helping those who have less. Give back to your community by collecting canned and non-perishable goods to donate to your local food bank. This is a great activity to include kids in, so they learn fall isn’t only about costumes and candy.

Breakout the sweaters

It’s time to pack away the bathing suits and break out the cozy sweaters! Throw one on, make yourself a warm cup of chai tea, and enjoy the crisp fall air. We find this is our favorite time of year to get up a little early to enjoy a chilly fall sunrise.

Go camping

The best time to go camping is during the fall! The weather is absolutely perfect for hiking, building a campfire, and sleeping outside, and who wouldn’t want to wake up to a forest full of fall-colored leaves?



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