Women vs. Men : Thoughts Each Are Thinking On The First Date

Ever wonder what your date is thinking about on the first date? The first date is an awkward and scary social situation where all your insecurities run rampant in your head. But, you’re not the only one who may be feeling a little insecure. Your date is likely feeling it too. Men and women tend to have different worries and thoughts racing through their heads on the first date.

If you’re a guy, check out what many women are thinking on a first date…

  • She’s more than likely thinking about her outfit. The moment she sees you, she’s wondering if she “wowed” you enough with her looks.
  • Facebook nightmares: She’s likely wondering if you’ve seen her page, and did she have any inappropriate posts. She may also be wondering if you think she looks as great in person as she does on Facebook.
  • She may also be wondering if she should’ve shaved her legs or not.
  • Another thought she may be having — “Is he checking out my butt?” Yes, women are wondering are you checking them out or not when they go to the bathroom.

Now it’s time for the guys!

Ladies, guys are a little different. Here are some of the thoughts they have.

  • Believe it or not, one of the things they are thinking about is the food. They are wondering if the place serves good food or not. After all, they didn’t want to waste a date on crappy food.
  • They are looking at everything that looks great about you such as your dress and your smile – and maybe even your butt.
  • He’s also trying to remind himself not to talk too much about sports.
  • Did he put on too much cologne?

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