Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the New Year to Call It Quits

From the turkey dump to the Christmas cut, the fall season is sometimes not a friend of love. First is the return of college students to break up with their SOs from high school; second is the realization of those keeping it comfy (and playing it safe) to do the deed. As the year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on your relationship and evaluate its status. Whether it’s an extended summer fling or established relationship, if you’re ready for a change – make it happen.

When it comes to mixed signals and on, off stages, it’s best to confront your partner and call it quits before the start of the new year. Fact: you can’t bring the same old baggage from the past into January and expect to have a different outlook on life. Below, check out the top reasons why you should embrace the Christmas cut:

1. To Experience a Fresh Start

Although there is no perfect time to break ties with your partner, heading into the new year is all about wiping the slate clean; leaving things behind and letting go. Don’t be afraid to revise or re-build your support system to navigate the next twelve months. Whether living in the moment or looking ahead, invite only strong, positive and passionate people into your inner circle to spend time, share laughs and seek happiness with.

2. To Avoid the Holiday Madness

Depending on the type of person, it can be difficult to spend the holidays without a plus one. However, getting ready for Santa solo means less travel, expense, people and stress. Get over traveling between houses, cities and/or families and racing against the clock. Trade the extra dishes for an easy day full of food and drink at a friends house, lounge or beach club!

3. To Set an Achievable New Year’s Resolution

Going separate ways before the first sprinkle of Christmas magic is all about keeping it real, which is something that you need to do when setting a New Year’s resolution. Continuing to show authenticity will ensure physical, mental and emotional success.

4. To Pucker Up

Under the mistletoe; check.
At the end of countdown; almost check.

While breaking up is hard to do, it might lead to your best first kiss.

5. To Put Yourself First

The first day of every year serves a reset button and a reminder to put yourself first.
Combined with the desire to experience a fresh start is the motivation to push your personal and professional boundaries. And sometimes learning, exploring and evolving is best done on your own.

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