Why Do Men Ghost Women?

He promised a second date but never called. You thought you guys had a special connection but that’s the last time you ever saw him. You deserve an explanation, but you’re likely not going to get one. You’ve been ghosted. As the Urban Dictionary puts it, you’ve been on the receiving end of “the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date.”

Want to know why he ghosted you? You’ll never hear it from him, but you can bet the reason is one of these.

He lost interest.

Dating sources like Tinder and Bumble have made finding dates and hooking up so easy that for many there’s little to no reason to invest emotionally in any one relationship. When he loses interest because his opinion of you changed or he got what he wanted from you or he found somebody else, he may feel no responsibility to consider your emotional investment.

He wants to avoid telling you the truth.

Plain and simple, he doesn’t want to tell you the truth. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy and hurt your feelings. Heaven forbid he should have to engage in a discussion that might turn into an emotional confrontation. Vanishing is easier.

He found somebody else.

Some people date one person at a time. Others prefer to play the field and see what options are available. If your guy is dating more than one person, he may decide he’s found The One and it’s not you. And if there’s no emotional attachment between you two, why should he go through the headache of filling you in? Some men might also already be in another relationship, so before taking the plunge, google!

The interest is one-sided and it’s all on your side.

Men like a challenge. You’re more of a challenge if you stay busy with your life and don’t jump at his beck and call. When a man feels that you’re wrapped around his little finger, he may lose interest. Until he’s wrapped around your finger, let him work to fit into your schedule. Be confident and know your worth.

There’s no chemistry.

There may be no immediate attraction. You’re willing to wait to see if the chemistry builds over time, but he thinks there’s either chemistry or there’s not. He gave it one or two dates but he’s not feeling it, so he’s outta there.

He thinks you’re needy.

If a man feels that you expect him to be the source of all your happiness, he’ll be looking for the exit door fast. Men have good radar spotting women who are too needy or too much work. There’s too much pressure dealing with a woman who thinks he should fulfill her every need.

He is afraid you might make a scene.

If a man thinks you’ll come unglued at rejection, he’ll ghost you in a heartbeat. This is especially true if your first date was emotional or the relationship has been an emotional rollercoaster and he has reason to think your reaction will be out of control.

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