When’s the Right Time to Commit to a First Date

Dating is hard. And in the online dating world, where you’re typically having conversations through texting or messaging, knowing when to commit to a first date is even harder. To help ease you through the process, here are a few helpful tips!

You Feel You’re Ready for This Step

Just because someone asks you out doesn’t mean you have to say yes right away. If you’re not ready for that next step, let them know you need more time. The right person will accept and honor that response.

You Feel Comfortable

There may be times where an individual will ask you on a date early in your conversation. For some, this is an opportunity to find out whether you’re compatible. For others, it is too much, too fast. It all comes down to personal preference. If you prefer face-to-face conversations, agreeing to a date early on may be best for you. But don’t feel pressured to do so before you feel comfortable.

There Are No (or Minimal) Red Flags

Unfortunately, detecting red flags is not a science. But as a general rule, if you sense something is off or concerning right off the bat, make a note of it. This doesn’t have to deter you from agreeing to a date, but if the red flags are overwhelming, don’t be afraid to turn down the invitation.

The Conversation Is Going Well

Conversations are everything when dating. If you feel the conversations are going particularly well, you can more confidently commit to a date. If conversations fizzle frequently or otherwise feel strained, a date may put you in an awkward situation.

You’ve Done Your Research

It sounds stalkerish, but when it comes to safety, knowing more about a person is always better. Make sure you are protecting yourself by checking into the person via public social media sites. And always let a friend know when, where, and with whom you’ll be on that first date.

Your Gut Is in Agreement

Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you’re listening to your gut. If it’s telling you to turn down an in-person date, you should probably listen to it.

The bottom line is that dating always requires your input. Don’t be afraid to change your mind and do what’s right for you.

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