What’s Wrong with Looking for Your Soul Mate?

Believing strongly that there is only one soul mate for you and that you’ve found that person can hurt the success of your relationship. After the first phase of infatuated love starts to wear thin, how are you going to react when the love of your life starts looking a little less perfect?

You’re going to lose interest in your partner a lot faster if you are expecting a one and only soul mate, according to research. Giving up on the relationship is much easier when the first bloom of love starts to fade. It’s much easier to think that the soul mate isn’t really “the one” when problems come up in the relationship.

That’s the danger with having a strong belief in the destiny of relationships. You think you are either meant to be together or you are not. Why should you have to work at the relationship when problems arise?

Believing that there’s one soul mate can lead you into thinking a partner should be able to read your mind. You shouldn’t have to tell him what you need, you think. That’s the fallacy of the soul mate approach to love. Getting really good at a relationship requires communication, practice and hard work.

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