What’s The Difference Between Prenups & Postnups?

Not everything about wedding planning is glamorous. There’s the legal aspect that has to be considered such as a prenup agreement, which for some, may look like you’re already planning for a divorce. A prenup is a contractual agreement done before marriage. There’s another contractual that can happen called a post nuptial agreement, which you’ll find out more about in a moment.


Because the prenup agreement happens before marriage, it can easily be the source of tension. Some weddings are delayed and even cancelled because the couple can’t agree on things. Simply put, the prenup determines how assets are handled in the marriage and what happens in the event happily ever after doesn’t last forever.

However, because things will change over time, there can be a clause included in the prenup called the sunset clause. This clause states that after so many years, the condition of the prenup can change. That may mean the agreement becomes void or be up for new terms.


Ever heard of a postnup? It’s not as commonly heard of as a prenup. A postnup is just like a prenup except it’s done after you’re married. It outlines how you will deal with assets, liabilities and other matters moving forward. The only thing about a postnup is that it can be a little difficult to get someone to enter into this agreement because you’re already married.

A case where a postnup may make sense is when the couple has created a new business partnership.

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