The Newest Relationship Counselors Are Podcasts

A rough patch in your love life can send you to friends for advice. You don’t understand him, he doesn’t understand you, what’s the deal? Sometimes even the people who know you best don’t seem to have any useful insights. Well, there are some new relationship advisers in town, and you can find them on podcasts. Here are some of the best to help you with some sage suggestions:

Dear Sugar Radio hosts Cheryl Stayed and Steve Almond give hope to listeners who are feeling all alone. If you’re struggling with infidelity or going through a big breakup and need support, these two offer soothing validation to get you through to the other side. After an hour listening, you’ll feel reassured that you are not the only one out there.

Savage Lovecast is aimed at those who are facing issues of sex and intimacy. This is the podcast that has changed the way many of us think about sex. Host Dan Savage makes you feel as though you are listening in on a conversation with a doctor who could be your best friend. The talk is ranges across issues such as human sexuality, anatomy, sexual abuse and assault. Listeners can expect an open-minded response to everything, even their questions about kinky fetishes.

This Is Why You’re Single dishes out some practical dating advice along with the snark. Brooklyn comedians and authors Laura Lane and Angela Spera base their podcast on their best-selling book, and they will have you laughing at your last disastrous date and planning your best strategy for the next one. Hear IRL stories from your fellow daters when you need to be reminded that we’re all in the same rocky boat looking for love.

Let’s Talk Heartbreak is British dating coach Laura Yates’ window on how other breakup survivors have struggled to get over the pain. You’ll find their stories motivating and sometimes downright hilarious. You may even be inspired to borrow one of their ridiculous coping mechanisms.

Just One More Podcast will get you out of bed and back to your workout when life is dim and you just want to pull the covers over your head and hide. Comedian Joanna Shaw Flamm and nutrition counselor and physical trainer Daphne Yang will inspire you with their approach to health and fitness. It’s their realistic perspective that will help you dig out of those post-breakup blues. A little white wine to finish off your exercise routine?

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