How To Win Over A Summer Crush Using Their Zodiac

If there’s someone out there you want to win over, the answer to your prayers may be in the stars. Their zodiac sign, to be exact.

Don’t worry, no hocuspocus here. Just using common traits of people born under certain constellations to find out what drives them, and thus capture their heart.

Check it out!

Aries: People under this sign tend to be affectionate. Therefore, being open and honest about your feelings will go a long way. Also, they love adventure, so don’t become too predictable.

Taurus: A healthy mix of physicality and downtime is important to the Taurus. So, it’s okay to be touchy feely with them. Also, schedule a spa day or movie night for when they need time to unwind and rejuvenate.

Gemini: The vivacious Gemini loves action, passion and attention. As long as you communicate with them and don’t hide your feelings, the two of you will get a long great. Also, keep in mind they are social butterflies, so it’s important to standout by being yourself.

Cancer: Use a gentle approach when dealing with the Cancer. They thrive on love and compassion. However, you won’t fool them with empty promises. They are watching you closely to see what you’re about, as opposed to what you say you’re about.

Leo: Leos are pleasure seekers, and open to new experiences. If you can offer them good times, their heart is all yours.

Virgo: Virgos are a no-nonsense group. They appreciate order, and value honesty. Here, it’s important to show them you value their time (meaning don’t cancel on them last minute).

Libra: To win over a Libra, don’t play games with their emotions. Realize they are relationship oriented, and are serious about having a soulmate. Show them you are reliable.

Scorpio: Scorpios are romantics. It’s also okay to be touchy feely with them.

Sagittarius: People under this sign enjoy humor, and spontaneity. Don’t be afraid to try and make them laugh.

Capricorn: This group believes your word is your bond. They want to take things slow, so be patient.

Aquarius: To win over people in this group, show them your wit and charm.

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