Four Signs You Might Be Headed For a Breakup

Divorce lawyers say they often see four warning signs that indicate a couple is headed for a split. Recognize these red flags in time, and you can save your relationship. If you can’t work things out by yourselves, you can seek help from a professional relationship counsellor.

Danger: You don’t share.

You’re not sharing stories about your day or you’re spending whole evenings in separate rooms.

Fix It: Make time.

Make your relationship a priority. Do things together even if it’s just going for a short walk.

Danger: You don’t listen.

Fighting is loud and angry communication failure that hurts your relationship. All the while you are saying hurtful things in anger, you fail to listen and understand each other.

Fix It: Stop Yelling.

Talk about your complaint calmly. Keep the conversation cordial. Start sentences by saying, “This is how I’m feeling…” and acknowledge your partner might see things differently.

Danger: Constant Criticism

Disrespect is aggression that doesn’t come from a place of love. If you truly love someone, you care about how they feel. Failing to show respect shows you do not love unconditionally.

Fix It: Be Kind.

Start behaving properly by treating each other with kindness and thoughtfulness. Consider each other first and you may rediscover the love you once had.

Danger: You think he’s a loser.

Couples who tend to see the best in each other are more likely to make it in the long run. They rate their partners as more attractive, funny or smart than themselves.

Fix It: Stop Judging.

Banish judgmental thinking and concentrate on the positive qualities your partner brings to your relationship.


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