Are You Guilty of a First Date Fib?

Is there a woman alive whose dating life runs so smooth that she’s never told an innocent fib on a first date? First dates are all about first impressions, and we all want to appear at our best. Maybe that means stretching the true facts just a bit. Maybe it means leaving out a few details that are best handled after the second or third date. You don’t want to dig yourself in deep with an outrageous lie that will eventually catch up with you. But innocent burnishing of your personal story won’t be an unforgiveable offense. Many women tell acceptable fibs in the beginning. Here’s betting these are some you may have told.

A Breakup

The heartbreak may be as fresh as last week’s split or as old as an unrequited high school crush, but the pain lingers. The fact that you are on a first date is proof you’re ready to get back out there. The more your past love meant to you, the less you’ll want to talk about him. If the subject of exes comes up, you’ll fib and say the breakup was no big deal.

Gym Prowess

Everybody is expected to work out and tone up these days. Maybe you’re just not into yoga and Pilates. Maybe (lucky you!) naturally skinny just runs in your family. You may be tempted to exaggerate the amount of time you spend in the gym.

A Full Dating Calendar

Women know men like to capture an elusive prize, and we all want to seem desirable. If dates have been a little sparse lately, we may stretch the truth about how often we’ve been going out.

Exotic Vacations

Another common expectation is that you’ll spend your vacation adventuring in an exotic locale. Hiking the Andes or kayaking on the Amazon? Maybe you lazed around the community swimming pool for two weeks instead but don’t want him to think you lack vacay ambition. Who hasn’t embellished their vacation stories just a touch?

Single Parent

Single mothers often are reluctant to announce on the first date that they are raising a child alone. That fact usually leads to a lot of questions about the whereabouts of the father and why the relationship ended. Too much information can spoil the initial evening. Many women save the reveal until they’ve established some rapport with the new man.

Too Nervous to Eat

A first date is almost guaranteed to create a bundle of nerves that curb the appetite. No woman wants to admit that she’s not confident and poised on every occasion. Saying you had a business lunch and the caterer put out a heavy spread is a small white lie that preserves your suave reputation.

Ending a Boring Date

The date turned out to be a dud. Should you tell him you are incredibly bored and cut the evening short? We all learned better social graces in kindergarten. Excuse yourself from the table and return with a convincing fib. Your neighbor just texted you that water pipes burst in the building and maintenance needs to get into your apartment. You’ve been called away to Tanzania for work. We’ve all been there.

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