5 Signs Your Husband Still Loves You

Ever wonder if your husband still loves you? Maybe you had a spat about something and you’re wondering whether the fire is still there. Not to worry. As confusing as men can be, often times they are just misunderstood. In fact, if he does at least 3 out of the 5 things listed below, the fire is still there. And if he does more, he’s still head over hills for you….

He lends a helping hand: Do you hate doing the dishes or the laundry and he knows it? If he ever takes on some of the tasks you hate – even if it’s once in a blue moon, he still loves you.

He plans special stuff: Does he take you out on date nights or cook special dinners for you? If so, then that shows that he still wants to spoil you!

He shows little signs of affection: If he shows signs of affection whether it’s a peck on the cheek, or an eye wink, this shows that he’s still present with you. He wants to keep the passion going.

He says your name during sex: If your husband says your name during sex, that’s a clear giveaway that he’s present with you and not thinking of someone else in the moment.

He gives you major eye contact: Eye contact is a way to establish connection without ever saying a word. So, if your husband gives major eye contact whether it’s when you’re alone or in a crowded room, he wants you to know that you’re on his mind.

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