Why You Should Start a Reading Routine

As a community, reading is an activity that we should all be spending more time doing. Buying or borrowing a book, flipping through its pages and falling for its words is one of the best ways to broaden your mindset. A quick tip: read a real book, as in a hard copy, hold in your hand book to cut down on screen time and gain the full experience. If buying new, make sure to pick it up in paperback; we all know that hardback means way too much money.

Along with expanding your vocabulary, stimulating your creativity and providing a sense of escape, the benefits of reading lead to establishing self-care and wellness.

For those in the midst of studying, trade textbooks for best-selling books to take a break from the heavy learning. For those looking to make reading a hobby, explore genres, biographies and self-help books to find a match. Don’t know where to start? Ask a friend, join a book club or post on social to receive a list of recommendations. From classic to contemporary, the authors and titles are endless. Even better, sign up for a local library card to reduce costs and set a deadline for finishing the book.

While starting to read at an early age can foster a love of learning, it’s easy to pick up at any point. Whether using reading as a go-to tool for falling asleep at night or dedicating one day of the week to a bath and book, try swapping a new television show for a new book and see what you think.

To cuddle up and get comfy, pick up a pair of reading socks from Indigo. Half sock, half slipper they’ll change your reading routine (and life) for the better.

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