Where to Shop for Affordable Home Furnishings

Decorating or redecorating your home doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think! In this post, we’ll show you how to upgrade your space without breaking the bank at our favorite spots for affordable home furnishings.

Discount Retailers

When you need furniture and decor on a budget, turn to discount retailers. These national chains will give you variety at unbeatable prices. You can even find dupes of expensive designer decor if you’re savvy enough!

  • Walmart: For furniture and decor purchases at competitive prices, look no further. Walmart prices may already be affordable, but you could save even more by shopping clearance events or using the price matching tool online.
  • Target: Like Walmart, Target provides all your home needs under one roof: stylish yet budget-conscious furniture, bedding, and decor await at this one-stop shop!
  • HomeGoods: Looking for unique pieces at prices you can afford? HomeGoods offers an ever-evolving selection of home decor and furnishings you won’t feel guilty about spending money on.

Online Retailers

Save time traveling to brick-and-mortar stores by shopping online! Pro tip: Read reviews carefully before selecting, and compare shipping costs before finalizing a transaction. Here are some of our favorite websites to check out:

  • Wayfair: With its impressive furniture and home decor selection, Wayfair has quickly become the go-to site for budget shoppers looking for bargains.
  • Overstock: Overstock offers discounted furniture, bedding, and home decor items with free shipping on most orders.
  • Amazon: Amazon has everything you need – including affordable home furnishings!

Thrift Stores

With extra effort and persistence, thrift stores can be an excellent source of affordable home furnishings. Although you might need to dig around a bit, you can find unique pieces at prices that can’t be beaten. Here are a few helpful hints for finding affordable decor at thrift stores:

Keep an Open Mind

Thrift stores can be overwhelming, so approach them with an open mind. Being creative about how you use items can open up endless opportunities. For example, an old frame could easily become an eye-catching decorative tray, while vintage suitcases could make funky coffee tables! Think outside the box when choosing how to best utilize these resources.

Consider Quality Materials

While thrift stores offer affordable items, not all are of equal quality. When searching for home decor, consider pieces made of materials like wood, metal, or glass. These will hold up better over time and can easily be refinished.

Check for Damage

Along with selecting quality materials, you should inspect items for signs of wear or damage, such as cracks or chips that require repair. Even if an item needs minor repairs, it can still make for a great deal if the price is right!

Shop Frequently

Thrift stores are constantly adding new merchandise, so it’s best to visit them frequently to take full advantage of what’s in stock.

Where are your favorite places to shop for affordable home furnishings? Share them with us in the comments below!

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