Tips for Keeping Your Home Insect-Free This Summer

’Tis the season for hot days spent poolside, soaking up the sun, BBQs with friends, and, unfortunately, bugs. So as we head further into the season, the best thing you can do is have a good defense. Here are our top tips for keeping your home insect-free this summer.

Cut Off the Source

Sometimes this step is simple, but other times you have to hunt for the source. Begin by looking for areas around your home that could attract insects, such as water sources, food sources, or places that could serve as insect shelters, such as woodpiles. Remove these sources to keep pests at bay.

Be Careful About What Comes In

Bugs can make their way into your home in many different ways. Some will hitch a ride on your pets, others may hide in luggage or furniture brought in from outside, and some may come in on your clothing. It’s always smart to give anything from outside, yourself included, a once-over before entering your home.

Keep Trees and Shrubs Trimmed

Overgrown trees and shrubs, especially ones that touch your house, make it easy for pests to enter your home. And it isn’t just a bug thing: Trees that sit close to your house, specifically attics or crawl spaces, make it easy for squirrels and rodents to enter. So make sure you tend to your trees and shrubs to keep all kinds of pests away.

Seal It Up

Check your home for small cracks or holes that make it easy for pests to get in. If you find any, caulk around windows, replace screens, repair gaps around dryer vents and air conditioners, and seal cracks or holes in walls. Not only should you see a change in your home’s insect population, but cool air won’t escape as quickly from it.

Give Your Lawn Some TLC

Like overgrown trees and shrubs can be inviting for pests, so can overgrown grass. Fleas, ticks, and ants love to hide in grass and weeds, so combat this by learning to mow like a pro and doing so often. If you need to, hire a professional to finish the job quickly and often.

Repel With Scent

Keep bugs at bay by burning citronella candles or creating a natural repellent from essential oils such as clove, peppermint, thyme, and rosemary. Pests hate the smell of these oils, but luckily, these concoctions double as a natural air freshener.

Set Traps

If you can seem to get rid of pesky house flies, fruit flies, and gnats, try the Zevo Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit ($19.97, shop here), which uses specially designed blue and UV LED lights to capture flying insects onto an adhesive backing that you never have to touch. Simply plug the trap into an electrical outlet and let it work its magic. Check the adhesive every two weeks and replace the refill cartridge as needed.

Get Some Help

If you’ve tried everything, call the professionals and have them spray for pests. Let them know if there are any children or pets in your home, and they will give you special instructions about where they should be while your home is being treated and when it’s safe for everyone to come inside.

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