These Scents Will Help You Relax

Your environment affects your state of mind. For example, a cluttered room can lead to a cluttered mind, while a peaceful nature scene can grant mental clarity. Much like the visuals and sounds around you, smell can play a huge role in your emotional state. Here are a few scents we recommend for some ultra-relaxing aromatherapy.


Rosemary is good for more than just seasoning chicken. Its aroma is known to have relaxing and energizing effects. So, if you are stressing about a major project at school or work, the scent of rosemary may help you curb anxiety and sharpen your focus.


Lavender is found in many products that claim to help you get a good night’s sleep. But do they work? Science says yes. Lavender has proven to relieve tension, anxiety, nervousness, and even symptoms of depression.


Jasmine oils carry a rich floral scent known to have calming effects. The sweetness of jasmine can be captured in candles, soaps, perfumes, and even food items. Any of these should help you feel more relaxed.


This scent is soothing and known to help us fall asleep faster, thanks to its sedative effects on the body. It has also been linked to lowering blood pressure and relieving anxiety and depression.

Sea Breeze

Do you associate the beach or ocean with tranquility? If so, sea breeze scents can transport you to one of the most relaxing places on the planet.


The scent of lemon is often used to increase energy and alertness, but this bright aroma can have the opposite effect. Lemon is best used when you need to relax but stay sharp, such as before a work meeting.


Many people have positive associations with the smell of cinnamon. (Nothing can turn around a bad day quite like being reminded of Sunday morning cinnamon rolls with your family!) This smell can boost moods, relax tight muscles, soothe the mind, and more.


Much like citrus, peppermint scents can invigorate you while simultaneously soothing tension and eliminating anxious distraction. As if that weren’t enough reason to use peppermint scents: They can discourage bugs and other critters, which make them perfect for use at home!


While many floral scents can be too strong and flowery, rose has a sweet, refreshing aroma light enough to offer a calming experience.

Have any of these scents helped you relax? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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