These Are the Hot Home Décor Trends for 2020

What goes around comes around when it comes to home decor. The hottest trends from the past decade seem just a wee bit stale now, and the turn of the New Year feels like just the right time to freshen up that all-white kitchen that’s so dominated our lives. Designers are ready to splash 2020’s trending color—classic blue—on every spot in the home from kitchen islands to front doors to interior walls. Tastemakers are not forsaking mid-entry modern, but they are introducing a touch of age to home décor through the use of patinas and vintage accents.

Not everything old is new again, but there is a distinct hint of history in the air. Here are trends you can expect to see everywhere.

Classic Blue

Pantone picked a shade of navy blue as its Color of the Year, and you can expect to see the elegant Classic Blue turning up everywhere. The color navy is always versatile and provides a sophisticated vibe for those who want an alternative to committing to black. The Pantone shade works equally well for both interiors and exteriors in modern as well as traditional homes.

Color in Kitchens

The selection of navy as Pantone’s Color of the year works handily with a design trend toward incorporating color in kitchens. All-white kitchens dominated throughout the past decade in every area from dinnerware to islands and cabinets. When this trendiest of color schemes started to feel a little, well, sterile and stale, designers came up with ways to update without abandoning white altogether. This year you’ll see kitchen designers use wood to bring natural life to cabinets and shelves.

They also predict homeowners will choose a daring color for one or several elements in the kitchen such as base cabinets or wall cabinets or island. Try this year’s favorite navy blue or experiment with dark red, green or bright yellow.

High-Contrasting Color

Designers also are starting to break up those all-white vistas in the rest of the home. Light-colored hardware is used on dark-stained wood tables. Black fabric upholstery contrasts against a chair’s white frame. High-contrast designs are adding spark to 2020 homes.

Vintage Accents

Vintage accents and traditional detailing such as spooled legs and spindles are borrowed from earlier centuries. Just as designers are sparing in their use of color, they’re incorporating only one or two vintage pieces in their rooms. Antiques are not making a big comeback just yet, so vintage elements are more a nod to the past rather than a full-scale return to the glory days of furniture with a history. If there’s any kind of antique that’s making a true comeback, it’s art. People are snapping up art that looks aged. Use some of that art in the kitchen to show off your personality.

Aged Patinas

The trend toward elements that suggest age includes an appreciation of patinas for decorative items such as earthenware ceramics. The trend Is reflected in a surge of color trends such as terracotta and clay.

Floral Wallpaper

Your grandmother’s floral wallpaper has gone much more modern with bold color and large scale. If the idea of pretty paper on your walls takes some adjusting, try patterns out in a small space such as a powder room or foyer.

Modern Twists on Classic Furniture

Giving vintage furniture a modern twist is another nod toward appreciating age without relying on authentic antiques. This trend can be seen in the newest acrylic and metal versions of the canopy bed. No need to see conjure up images of Laura Ashley prints when you envision these; think sleek upholstered frames and modern bed linens. And there’s a return to sofas with the curved lines of the ‘60s and ‘70s to ignite your Hollywood dreams. Another nod to Tinsel Town is the free-standing luxurious soaking tub, whether claw-foot or flat bottom.

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