The Scariest Hulu Flicks You Should Queue Up for A Night In

We don’t need Halloween as an excuse to watch a scary movie. With many quality scary films available out there for all the horror geeks and Halloween fans, here’s a list of the most popular and most-streamed horror movies worth watching when the mood strikes. So even though Halloween has come and gone this year, grab a blanket, a friend, and enjoy!

What We Become – 2015

This movie has everything a horror genre fan needs. It’s a family drama and zombie movie! The story revolves around a family struggling to survive when a mysterious plague unleashes flesh-eating zombies in their small town. Created by Bo Mikkelsen, this horror film is one of the most popular and award-winning movies to watch.

The Blair Witch Project – 1999

This paranormal activity-ish movie follows young filmmakers during their project to visit a forest known for spooky myths. Prepare to be terrified by this documentary-style film that paved the way for most modern horror movies we now know and love.

The Haunting in Connecticut – 2009

Okay, we think it’s safe to say that horror movies based on real events tend to be a whole different level of scary, right? Well, The Haunting in Connecticut is one of those stories. Based on the novel called In a Dark Place, which is the written story of the haunting and some alarming events, this movie is ranked as one of the best horror movies to watch. It will definitely give you some nightmares.

Annihilation – 2018

A narrative of a biologist and a former soldier portrayed by Natalie Portman, who joins a mission to find out what happened to her husband inside the mysterious Area X. During the expedition, she uncovers a dangerous world of creatures and landscapes. Both the characters and the audience will question their sanity.

Children of the Corn – 1984

A true Stephen King masterpiece. Follow a young couple as they discover a town entirely populated by children who follow a young preacher. Unfortunately for them, the kids are out for blood.