The Best Female-Led Horror Films on Netflix

As All Hallows Eve creeps out of the shadows to make itself known yet again *cue the suspenseful music* we find ourselves longing for a scary movie scream-a-thon. It’s the torture we enjoy subjecting ourselves to every spooky season, and luckily Netflix is your streaming partner in all things horror, featuring these female-led gems for your fearful enjoyment.

The Babysitter

At times wildly out of control, this blood-filled horror comedy is reminiscent of Scream’s self-aware take on the typical horror tropes. Does it reinvent the wheel? Absolutely not. Is it funny, gory, and, most importantly, endlessly entertaining? Yes, yes it is.

Oftentimes veering closer to comedy than horror, The Babysitter is most successful for its, dare I say, killer cast. Led by Samara Weaving (the overnight industry “it” girl), every role is perfectly cast, following the traditional horror archetypes to a T—but with an ultra-fun, sexy, and energetic self-awareness that breathes new life into the genre. You’ll be laughing (and probably cringing) all the way through.


A horror film that’ll leave you “sleeping with the lights on,” Eerie is, well, eerie. Produced in the Philippines (and, thanks to Netflix, viewable with English subtitles), Eerie has all the jump scares and plot twists horror fanatics have come to love.

The film takes place at a girls’ Catholic school, so the cast is nearly entirely female, with names you may not know, but faces you’ll have a hard time forgetting, especially when it comes time to crawl into bed.

The Perfection

Featuring compelling performances from Allison Williams and Logan Browning, The Perfection is almost too twisted for words. Almost.

The best part about this film is that you never see the next twist coming. The plot pivots and there’s always more to gape at. It’s a loopy, witty, and undeniably dark thriller that’ll leave you slack jawed, recovering from a little whiplash, and definitely needing to talk to anyone that will listen about what you just watched.

Truth or Dare

A 2018 film for horror lovers by the infamous Blumhouse Productions, Truth or Dare’s premise is simple enough: tell the truth, or do the dare. Or, you know, die.

Met with many negative reviews, but generally well-liked by Blumhouse (and Lucy Hale) loyalists, Truth or Dare features relatively unremarkable deaths and typical teenage drama you would be hard pressed to call “scary.”

That being said, there are creepy components snuck in here and there (let’s just say, a smile is not the best accessory, in this case) and it’s a great watch for a group of friends looking for the perfect movie night selection that’s not too serious, but is still compelling enough that you won’t want to look away.

Would You Rather

Another young adult game-gone-wrong film, Would You Rather, led by Brittany Snow, did slightly better in the reviews department, but the premise is generally the same: choose the lesser of two evils—and no, walking away isn’t an option.

The film has restrained gore, though it’s most certainly present, and often shifts focus to the more psychological element at the film’s core; how far would you go for money? Of course, eventually, that question no longer applies, as it becomes increasingly apparent that you no longer have a choice.

The Boy

If gore isn’t your thing, if you’re not big into scary movies, but you can survive the occasional jump scare, The Boy is the right film selection for you.

Featuring The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan, The Boy was met with mostly negative reviews, but offers a unique horror plot: a nanny is hired to watch a life-sized doll as if he (it?) is human.

I think at this point, as a group, we can agree that dolls are always creepy, particularly when treated like human beings. So negative reviews or not, this oddball film is definitely worth the watch.

We Summon the Darkness

A traditional film with a twist that turns this slasher flick on its head, We Summon the Darkness is funny, entertaining, and led by a power trio: Alexandra Daddario, Maddie Hasson, and Amy Forsyth.

At the risk of saying too much, the film follows three best friends to a secluded metalhead getaway gone wrong. If you’re a fan of a good plot twist and powerful women, you’ve come to the right place!


Whether you’re a horror junkie or simply enjoy the occasional spooky season flick, these female-led films are currently available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. So grab your favorite Halloween candy and view them at your own risk!

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